Finest blends. Smoothest notes.

Our curated selection is known to for its distinct characteristic, unlike any
other spirit available in the market today.

Being one of the most revered, reputed and well-known distilleries in the country, the NV Group has redefined the sector over the last 25 years by offering a curated selection of the finest blends available.

One of the largest distillers in India, we take pride for the great work and the values we deliver. We believe in maintaining the highest quality products so that our consumers can enjoy only the finest in life.

Great tastemaker are the one who make history not the ones who down in history.

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NV Group started as a distribution facility with humble beginnings and quality vision in 1994 at New Delhi and soon went on to become a pioneer in the sphere of distilleries - carving a reputable name for itself and leaving behind an irreplaceable legacy.

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