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NV Group started as distribution facility in 1994 at New Delhi. From these humble beginning the grand vision of the founders fuelling the brand has made it a pioneer in the sphere of distilleries - carving a reputable name for itself, whilst sealing an irreplaceable legacy for the future. The ambition and steely determination of the founders transformed the distribution facility into a manufacturing and distillation unit, the first of which was established in 2008 at Badholi, Ambala. This unit has the capacity to manufacture 75,000 litres of Extra Neutral Alcohol per day and a bottling facility which is capable of bottling 30,000 cases per day.

The cornerstone of NV Group has always been to make conscious choice while creating and developing our products. All our initiatives take respect towards the environment and social responsibility into consideration, which also reflects in our CSR programme.

Our 10 state-of-art distilleries (in Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, Goa and Maharashtra) have an overall production capacity of 1 lac bottles per day. The Rajpura distillery works as a zero-waste facility with a zero-carbon footprint (net-zero carbon dioxide emissions). This is achieved either by carbon removal through carbon offsetting or simply by eliminating such emissions altogether. The Rajpura distillery has its own renewable energy plant that makes use of a renewable source to generate power.

Once the grains are converted into the base spirit, the by-products are reused rather than discarded, leading to zero wastage of raw materials. The grain by-product gets converted to biofuel and animal fodder making NV group the largest manufacturer and supplier of distillers dried grain with solubles, used as livestock feed in domestic and international markets. Our hi-tech facility in Rajpura also houses a dry ice manufacturing unit that supplies dry ice to a spectrum of industries, whilst offsetting its carbon emissions.

Based on the ethos of #LiveResponsibly, we have created a unique sustainable water system to ensure that no water is wasted at our production facilities. The steam generated from the in-house energy plants is used for the distillation process where the steam is collected, converted back to water and used in the plant. This cycle ensures the water is always reused and never wasted. Our zero discharge manufacturing facility in Rajpura is a testament of our commitment towards sustainability and effective eco-friendly practices.

Our strength lies in our variety. We believe in delivering quality products.

The NV Group is driven by its core values of customer satisfaction, consistent performance, respect and pride in what we do.


Distribution in Delhi

NV Group started as distribution facility in 1994 in Delhi. From these humble beginning, the grand vision of the founders fueling the brand has made it a pioneer in the sphere of distilleries - carving a reputable name for itself, whilst sealing an irreplaceable legacy for the future. The ambition and steely determination of the founders transformed the distribution facility into manufacturing and distillation units.


Gemini Distilleries Pvt. Ltd, GOA

The ready-to-drink, fruit-flavored and rum-based Bacardi Breezer for Bacardi Martini is bottled here with the capacity of bottling 3,500 cases per day. Besides that, we have a bottling tie-up of Cutty Sark Scotch Whisky.


NV Distilleries Pvt. Ltd, Ambala

In addition to bottling our brands like Discovery Elite, Party Special Platinum Blue, Party Special and Blue Moon, we also have business associations with Pernod Ricard to bottle their prestigious products like 100 Pipers Scotch, Passport Scotch, Royal Stag, Imperial Blue & Blenders Pride Whisky, with a capacity to manufacture 75,000 liters of Extra Neutral Alcohol per day.


Radico NV Distilleries, Maharashtra

This state-of-the-art unit with a capacity of producing 1,40,000 liters per day of molasses and 40,000 liters per day of grain based Extra Neutral Alcohol is capable of bottling 10,000 cases per day.


Zannat Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh

One of the finest bottling unit in Chandigarh with a capacity of bottling 5000 cases per day currently catering to Delhi and Chandigarh markets.


NV Distilleries & Breweries Pvt. Ltd, Punjab

This unit has the capacity to manufacture 1,44,000 liters of Extra Neutral Alcohol per day with a Co-Gen power plant of 11 MW. It has a total bottling capacity of 30,000 cases per day and is equipped to be the most modern state-of-the-art distilleries in Asia. Besides this, we have a pet bottle manufacturing plant with five fully automated pet bottle manufacturing machines.


NV International Pvt. Ltd., Ambala

A 4 MW captive power plant with a boiler capable of operating on multi-fuels has been installed in this unit which meets our entire power requirement. Air pollution norms have been met with the latest pollution-control devices installed at the premises.


NV Distilleries & Breweries Pvt. Ltd., Chhattisgarh

The company has a lease unit for bottling NV Brands based at Raipur, Chhattisgarh with a bottling capacity of 1,50,000 cases per month. We are producing Discovery, Party Special Blue & Party Special Deluxe whisky here.


The NV Group’s founding beliefs in propagating sustainable practices, bringing together innovation, state-of-the-art technology, and our Indian heritage and roots in every product that bears our name, is truly what makes us stand apart in both the Indian and the global market.

The Smoke Lab ethos of “a world free of gender barriers, where freedom is celebrated and individuality is the norm”, is an extension of the NV spirit, and all products whether it is the premium alcohol and spirit segment or the Smoke Wear line of conscious clothing is developed with that in mind. We are constantly exploring collaborations with young talent in India to create clothing that combines sustainability, what we call #flexresponsibly



NV Group is one of the largest grain spirit distillers in the country and has added an impressive alcoholic beverages bouquet in its portfolio during the 25 years of its existence. It has become a pioneer in the industry, presenting the finest blends that are irresistibly smooth and mellow, such as Smoke Lab Vodka, Royal Envy, Blue Moon among others.

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